Coffee At Apple’s Visitor Center

So, this isn’t walking distrnce to the Convention Center but I assume lots of people at WWDC would like to visit it. Also the terrace of the Visitor Center was closed today, so I am hoping for it to be even better in time for WWDC visitors – you can get a nice view of the Apple Park with it’s amazing trees.

One thing that is hard to convey is how nice it smells and how pleasant it is just being outside the visitor center (and Apple Park itself) – unless you are allergic, of course.



And you have an Apple Park mode + iPads



Ok, this is off topic, but…. iMac Pro! 



Plus Apple clothes (the store in Infinite loop also has apple clothes, or used to)



Finally, coffee! (My only complain: paper cups for expresso? Really??). 




Oh yeah, and it’s not walking distance or has convenient public transportation there, I am afraid (note that there is an underground parking too). But a 11 min drive (with no traffic).



Finally the coffee (double expresso):



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