B2 at San Pedro Square – Now Voyager

And finally, to finish the series on the San Pedro Square, B2 – 16 minutes walk from the Convention Center.


And, no, don’t take the main entrance to the San Pedro Square for B2:



The B2 Is actually the second door on the right, after Vino Vino,


I usually drink either an expresso or the cold brew here,



But with space during the week (and some seating outside too):


And drinks at night



San Pedro Square (more of)

There are several excellent alternatives for vegetarians at the San Pedro Square, a 16 min walk from the Convention Center.




My personal favorite is the Impossible Burger at Konjoe, the first from the right below.




But there are great vegetarian options in both others  (Vietnamese in the center, Nepalese in the left). I especially recommend the bryani from Urbon Momo.

There’s beer,


And more beer,



Outside seating  – with special arrangements for Sharks games, of course:



And there is vegan pizza (with tomato sauce instead of cheese) at the Pizza Bocca Lupo:



And last but not least in my favorites, Robee’s Falafel :



Bijan Barkey

Bijan has some decent expressos (and croissants) and it’s only a 6 minutes walk to the convention center. But they don’t scale very well – Philz can handle very long lines, it’s a little slower in here. 




Being close is both a good thing and a “crowd risk”



There are some tables inside but a bigger space outside (and it probably won’t rain in June here)


inside pic

San Pedro Square (Part I)

I will return to the San Pedro Square (and street) with more details, but as an appetizer, here is a view of the street, with a glimpse of the 101 (the largest parking lot in the Bay Area) and the San Jose airport (the best way to fly to WWDC).


view of the san pedro street


I will follow up with details on some of the places here, but for now.. Sharks!

sharks poster


Also, the house of the first resident of San Jose

Peralta adobe


Good Karma

Good Karma is an amazing (small) vegan place in 1st Street, a 12 min walk to the Convention Center. Last year I did bring some (non vegetarians) friends here during WWDC and they still talk to me, so the food is ok for non vegetarians too :).



I just had a delicious Jamaican Je4k with Chana Masala and Kale (with quinoa) 


Sample to go plate


No boring numbers for your food here



But it does get crowded easily (there are some seats outside):




Cafe Crema

Cafe Crema isn’t exactly next door to WWDC but its fairly close and some people might be staying near that part of town for WWDC. It has really good coffee and breakfasts that don’t come in a box and sit waiting for several hours at the conference center!

And after some coffee and breakfast, it’s an easy 25 minutes walk to the convention center.

Walking directions Directions from Crema to the Convention Center

If coming from the direction of the Whole Foods, the first thing you will notice is the mural,


Crema mural


It is fairly close to the Whole Foods and the CalTrain direction (unfortunately in the wrong side of the station for myself) but it does has lots of parking in the back. Plus generous number of tables and spaces to seat inside.

Menu and inside image



coffee place interior



The first sip of coffee in the day is always the best

But the same can’t be said of the first post!

Welcome to NearWWDC.coffee, where I will try to help your visit to San Jose for WWDC (or for any other reason) to be more enjoyable – well, IF you:

– like coffee

– like wine 

– like vegetarian food

And you might be also interested in things like… macOS and iOS development (AppKit lives!)


IMG 2522


I would also like to thank  – and encourage you to join – Live Near WWDC to help App Camp for Girls  because I obviously copied the name idea from them,  and also because it’s a really great experience and a great cause.



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